Sale Mania '09

Thanks to everyone who came out for this year's big consignment sale, a.k.a the clean-out-your-closet sale. We've finally recovered and are happy to report that it was a huge success. All the pieces that weren't bought up have been donated to a woman's shelter and the store is on it's way to looking like Fall.

Stella was our employee-of-the-weekend!!!

Thanks to our favorite photographer, Shannon Wolfe, for all the great photos!!!


Street Peep Amelie

Summer's ever present romper and our bestselling Moccasins! Amelie Everhart shows us style is so not about age!


A Flash Back to Now

Friday night is always a great time to watch an old classic. Since we didn't make it out to Reynolda House for Sound of Music on the lawn (next week is Moulin Rouge!), we decided to watch Bonnie & Clyde the old-fashioned way, free on TV.

I had read somewhere that Faye Dunaway literally cried herself to sleep during filming because she thought she looked terrible; since the movie is set during the depression she had to lose a ton of weight to play Bonnie Parker. I kept thinking about how things have changed, for the worse, with regard to body image (today it would be about looking too fat) but how they've stayed the same when it comes to fashion.

This film gets high high marks for style. The costumes are vintage 1930s but you can see 1967, the year it was released, peeking through. The movie says a lot about today because all of Bonnie's outfits would hang beautifully in a 2009 wardrobe. We have so many options and so many great decades to draw from that saying someone looks "dated" is becoming seriously outdated.


Let's Get Personal

One of our favorite customers was in the store yesterday. She doesn't live in Winston anymore so when she stops by it's always a nice surprise. Besides being a sweetheart, we've always adored her personal style. It's inspiring. She reminded us that a dress is at its very best when it leaves room to make it your own.

Cut to this morning... while checking out a favorite fashion site we found one of our new Fall arrivals. This Trinity top doesn't look like much on the hanger but it's one of those pieces that can be personalized, i.e. this girl worked it into a rock'n little dress.

Seeing her inspired us to love the piece even more. We love it with studs. We love it with skinny jeans and a scarf. We love seeing how different people put together a look using the same piece. It's a reminder that the fear of showing up to uh, lets say, Lollapalooza, in the same dress is really just another opportunity to add a touch of individuality to everything you do.