Desigual for All

In Spanish, Desigual means "unequal" and when you see our newest brand's Fall '10 collection this name will seem just about right. Anytime we carry something from Europe the colors and prints are always super unique and Desigual is no exception. So far they've offered boldness and graphics galore; like their skirts and dresses, which will transition nicely into cool weather but can still be worn now with a bright tee and sandals. Pictured here is just a sample. Stop by to see their winter knits and coats too. They're making a name for themselves this side of the Atlantic and we're happy to help out. Viva la Desigual for all!!!


Cali Comes a Callin'

We're constantly trying to find new and inspiring musicians to share with our customers. Thanks to last Saturday night's show at The Garage we found some right in our own backyard.

You'll want to claim Rose's Pawn Shop as your own. They sound like good 'ol homegrown Appalachian boys. Yet another local bluegrass band we can take pride in. But they're not and that's one thing that makes them intriguing. These boys come from Los Angeles wearing Vans slip-ons and all.

Preview them on our video playlist (see below) then check them out at Floydfest this weekend (we'll be there with bells, feathers & our Vans on too).


Melts In Your Mouth

Here's a few of the pieces by MM Couture that we just got in. A 'lil bit street & a 'lil bit high fashion, this line by Miss Me is fast becoming a Wildflower Girl favorite. We can't stop at just one!


Street Peep Emilie

If you don't know Emilie Taylor, you should! She loves cashmere in the winter, cotton in the summer, and Prada bags all year long. A little bit high fashion and a lot free spirit, friend to everyone (a.k.a stranger to no one), we love when she drops by to chat and try on. Like yesterday, when inspiration was needed, there was Emilie with the latest Barneys Co-Op catalog (check out the model's braided hairstyles!), speaking German to some little ones (kids speaking German is fun) and sharing her wisdom, as always.


Sharing is Fun

email from a happy Mom:

Hi! We were in your store in March, looking for a prom dress for my daughter (Ady). We found the Von Vonni with your help, and it has since been to two proms here in Baltimore. Worn two different ways! The attached pictures don’t really do it justice, I’m afraid.

Thank you for your help. It’s a classic and a stunner!

All best, Lynn PiƩ