Stella and the Sun

The celestial stars were lined up perfectly for the Wildflower girls to take Stella to her first music festival. It was a Sunday (so no one had to tend the store), The Avett Brothers were playing, Anne had backstage passes (thanks Ron for all your hard work) and the sun was shining bright. The whole day was perfect: awesome music and a 'lil dancing, a table full of vegan yumyums, great lawn seats with lots of room to spread out, no alcohol so no headaches, and the adults learned the meaning of "reapply" (always a good lesson before summer officially starts). Thanks Merle! We'll see you next year.

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Four Weddings and a Graduation

Every now and then we get a call from someone wanting to order flowers. It must be our name, right? We usually point them to PriceDavis Florist on Burke Street. We've been using them for years and love their creativity. Just give them a theme and they whip up an amazing arrangement. So with Mother's Day, wedding season and graduations fast approaching we thought we'd give them a plug. Here's their number 800.677.2270 if you're ever in need.

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Disney Done Right

We've been promising to do this vacation thing with the Lilla P Origami Wrap so Susie took on the challenge. Four ways in as many days: tunic, cowl, wrap and cardi. Thanks to her family, especially little Annie, for making this experiment happen sooner than later (we heard that she pushed for Disney).

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