Breathing Time Machines

WOW, 2010 was a year to remember AND a year not to remember. We really can't decide!?! All years are like that, right? We keep the bits we want (((:IN STEREO:))) and turn the volume way down on those we don't. But all the pieces are always part of us.

We decided to take our pieces to Asheville on Friday where we piled into the Civic Center to ring in 2011 with The Avett Brothers. The whole place (of 7000!!!) knew every word to every song. We were definitely a hometown crowd.

Our small group (the people we serendipitously stood around) became the "4-hour Gang". From 8:30pm to around 1am, we shared stories, cried a little, and stood up to the revelers who tried to push to the front. Sam was there too: in the shimmer from Holli's jacket, in the balloons that fell from the ceiling, and in the balcony watching over us. He'll sit in that seat from now until forever. Looking out for his Breathing Time Machines. We love you Sam. Happy New Year!