Street Peep Helen

Helen works at Single Brothers. We love that place + We love this outfit = We heart Helen...or something like that:)


Seychelles and BC Footwear O My

spring and summer '10 styles & their creators
L to R: Katie of BC & Miranda of Seychelles

Meet Miranda and Katie, Katie and Miranda. The girls who dress our feet, give us height, color our closets from the bottom up. They're the design team who puts together collection after collection of Seychelles (that's "say shells") and BC Footwear. Without them many great Wildflower outfits might have gone unworn. So first and foremost "Thank You" girls for all that you do: making sure the fit is relatively comfy, the look is spot on current, and the price is nice. You'd definitely have Dorothy out of those tired old ruby reds in no time flat.


Street Peep Blaire

We have the best customers! Everyone has an adventure to share and a raison d'ĂȘtre. Blaire's is wigs and makeup. She's off to Colorado this summer for an apprenticeship with an opera company where she'll create the look of many a character. One of her last stops on the way out of town was Wildflower to pick up this cute outfit, including some feathers. Look out CO, a little bit of NC is on her way.

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