2010 Resolution - Follow Us On Twitter

Do you know about Twitter? Probably since every company, store, celebrity, and band seems to be using it. What we've noticed is that following someone on Twitter can be either way too much OR just enough information, depending on how it's used, the frequency of the Tweets and if you really care about what's being Tweeted.

With that in mind, we've decided to try something we call "This Just In" Alerts using Twitter. It will be a super convenient way to text message you when awesome new Spring & Summer merchandise arrives at the store. Who doesn't want to know about that, right?

We're keeping it simple. We'll be Tweeting about new goods as they're delivered and that's it. Stuff like:
  • Spring bags by Big Buddha & Melie Bianco,
  • Anne Koplik & Owlita feather earrings,
  • Freedom Of Choice jeans,
  • Johnny Was dresses,
  • Gypsy '05 summer pieces
  • Seychelles & Dolce Vita sandals
We'll still be making calls (we're not going totally cyber) but we thought this would be a fun way to stay in touch. If you want to be on our Twitter list, and get text messages (a.k.a. SMS Tweets) from us, click on the set up instructions below, which you can then print out.
We promise NOT to bombard you with too many Tweets (i.e. we won't "alert" you about absolutely everything that comes in; we'll be selective). Happy New Year!


One Dress Many Ways on Two Sisters

(click photo to enlarge)
We always say that we're going to go on a 3-day vacation and ONLY take the Lilla P "Origami Wrap" and some jeans. Now we can add a Von Vonni "Convertible Wrap Dress" to our suitcase and make it a 10-day cruise.

This dress is so much fun because you can drape, wrap and tie the top in a ton of ways so that the same dress looks different each time you wear it. It's made of a heavy, high-quality jersey that doesn't wrinkle and drapes beautifully. Plus it's made in the U.S.A and cost just $108.

The Wood sisters (don't they look great in our collage, thanks girls!) scooped one up on Saturday to wear on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Just kidding, kinda. You really could wear it every day of the week and feel like you had on a new dress each time.


Dressing Up

iPhone photos don't do these dresses much justice, but we still had to show them to you. They're worth every sparkle, ruffle and rosette. Come see for yourself.
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20 More Please

We can't believe this video is 20 years old. It still looks and sounds relevant. What will it look and feel like in 2020?



Working hard for the holidays. Check. Making sure fathers, husbands, boyfriends & brothers find the right gift. Check. Stocking the store with sparkles & satin for New Year's Eve fetes. Check. Gearing up for Spring '10. Check. Becoming official fashion addicts by posting Paris in the Cleo Blouson from Voom. Check.

It's hard to put up this picture without writing something snarky. But she wears it well, we have and love the top, and really, we wouldn't be a fashion blog without a pic of Paris...

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Ombre of Choice

We've been patiently waiting for these ombre jeans by Freedom of Choice (more about this designer later). Kyle Anne is the first taker. More up for grabs for just $88.

Way better than a partridge in a pear tree, right?

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Street Peep Shayna

You can't see Shayna's sapphire blue eyes in this shot but they're her best accessory. They match her Parameter dress perfectly. Another case of the right dress, for the right time, on the right girl.
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Holiday '09 Kick-Off

Thanks again to everyone who came out for the Open House! Our door was swinging all night with so many of you stopping by. We hope the rest of everyone's holidays are just as filled with friends and family. We found a bit of time to take a few snaps, so here they are to share.
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Betty & Melissa

Betty stopped by the Holiday Open House wearing her Vivianne Westwood Melissa shoes from last Fall. So comfy & great, they were almost the perfect black flat that got away. But we thanked the fashion gods when, the very next day, the NEW black Melissa flats arrived! They're perfectly flocked and smell so sweet, just like last year's but with a zebra lining that's a sassy reminder that they're vegan.

If you haven't heard about Melissa shoes you're missing an earful. They're made from recycled plastic that's been infused with breathability and a fragrance that smells like baby dolls (or My Pretty Pony). Besides working with high-end fashion designers, Melissa partners with world-renown architects and product designers to create some funky shoes that look like art objects (stop by, we have a few on display).

This company's stuff is so innovative and intriguing, and in the end surprisingly practical. They're a dose of eco-friendly, all-weather, high-fashion awesomeness for a really great price. Just ask Betty.

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Looking For Some Winners

Our Holiday Open House was a great time; lots of love, food, and shopping (all the things a girl needs). The next day Stella did the honors and pulled out two names from our big $100 Gift Certificate Drawing jar. Both of the winners said they'd never won anything before! We love that, so good job Stella and congrats Mary and Cindy.

We're going to pull a third and final winner today so hurry over if you haven't already signed up.


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Street Peep David

We don't know much but here's what we do know about David 1) He looks super cool in this Fresh Karma piece (it's from Wild Flower BTW). 2) He's an amazing dancer (we saw him perform in the NCSA Fall Dance a couple of weeks back). 3) He's got great legs!
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