This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy ate roast beef, this little piggy had none, this little piggy went WEEEEEEEE LOVE THESE JACKETS!!!!!!!!!

'nough said:)
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Curatorial Tutorial

Over the years we've found some brilliant designers that we love to talk about; like where they're from, what inspires them – even what they look like.

This season we're excited to blab about Curatorial, a line that's 100% made in Los Angeles (a.k.a the USA) and created by Lizz Wasserman, an ex-Urban Outfitters/Free People designer, who has some very intentional feelings about our environment.

For Curatorial, Lizz handpicks vintage and remnant fabrics to reduce waste while offering one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces. Her design philosophy is "to only produce pieces that are unique and new – not creating trend-driven waste". Lizz even drives a car powered with recycled veggie oil; again to reduce waste and Curatorial's eco-imprint.

We just got in four of her styles (shipped to us in recycled boxes BTW), and can't wait to share. The "X-Marks the Spot" dress comes in 6 solids like the tangerine color pictured. There's only one dress in each color so it's super special. Another favorite is the "Walk Away" dress, which is done up in vintage prints, like the black floral above (again only one of each to grab). Stop by and check out her "Ra-Ra" skirt too; it's high-waisted and drapes like its name suggests. The vintage fabrics she's used for the skirts are a must-see.

Curatorial prices are great at $78 for a dress, $68 for a skirt. The only other thing to blog on about is Lizz's flagship line,
Popomomo. For now we'll just mention it, but soon you'll be seeing it in the store. Can't wait.

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Brass Knuckle

The jewels have started to arrive, including some great cocktail rings. One is all you need...well maybe two. One for sipping on some chamomile at Simply Yummy, and the other for a pinot at 6th & Vine.

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What's the Point

We love fingerprints on our windows. It gets us thinking: what was said, who was saying it, what did they think? Nose prints are even better. Nose prints say we've done our job!

Whenever Lluvia styles the mannequins it changes the mood of the store to match what's going on outside and in the community. With the temperature fluctuating daily, Wake students back in town, moms back on school schedules, and an overall upbeat vibe in the air, we dressed our first Fall '09 window.

This is just a peek so hurry by before it changes; it's already encouraged lots of pointing.

high-waisted pinstriped linen pants by Parameter (so perfect for this weather), mesh cardigan with rosettes & feathers by Petit Pois (a perennial designer we cherish season after season)

Weston Wear dress (this one is already a hot seller, very vintage, very va va), at her waist is a reversible Kristin Kahle belt (big n' chunky with wooden hardware...love it)

dress by MM Couture (a division of Miss Me that we're excited about, their pieces are high-end on the eyes but modestly priced)