Street Peep Stella Carmen

If you know Wildflower, you know we love our vintage remade clothing. So it was a natural for Lluvia to dress Stella in this little number by Zed+Zoe. Not only does it bring back long lost memories BUT, even better, it's the creation of one of our long time customers, Tracy.

Five years ago it was so exciting to get a big 'ol box of uniqueness. The store was filled with one-of-a-kind creations from Fresh Karma, Super Lucky Cat, and (who can forget) our very first upcycled designer eve*lynn. Yum, we're salivating just thinking about it. But now all of these designers have sadly closed shop for one reason or another and Preloved is our lone upcycled survivor (which isn't shabby; their stuff is awesome).

All this to say that Zed+Zoe is just our style. Keep up the good work Tracy. We're all loving it, especially Stella!!!


Street Peep Bonnie

Bonnie is a teacher. She also looks a lot like Sharon Stone. She's pretty much who we want to be when we grow up. We absolutely 100% love her style, especially when she's wearing Wildflower shoulder to ankle (like here). She'd just come from seeing Alison and was looking especially glamorous so Street Peep she had to be:) Plus her three grandchildren (mentioned in Emilie's post...oh the fabulous web we weave) are back in Germany and we could think of no cooler way for Bonnie to reach out across the sea and say "Hallo, Wie geht's?"


Holiday Happiness

Best Open House to date, ever:) What a great way to start the holiday season. A few snaps were taken in between the laughing, sipping and shopping. Wish we'd gotten one of everybody. Memories will have to do; here's to a bunch more good ones before 2010 ends.

P.S. Loved the dips? Here are the recipes (both vegan BTW)!

Warm and Cheesy White Bean Dip
Indian Spinach Dip


Hello Hollywood

Last time we saw Olivia Mitchell she was bringing us a frittata from Whole Foods. It was August, our Consignment Sale was in full swing, and Olivia was working on her karma delivering the girls of Wildflower some much needed sustenance (we have the best customers!).

Cut to November. Olivia's living in Los Angeles, attending USC as a high school senior (who knew they had a program?!?) and making music videos on the beaches of Malibu. Proof that good deeds pay, don't you think?

Our favorite line from her latest video, "Celebrities there are really here"!!!


Thank You Band of Horses

Yes that's Jenny Lewis in the top album cover! Little did we know she has a new thang going with someone named Johnny. It wasn't until Lluvia motivated and drove to Asheville to see one of our other favs (Band of Horses) that we got filled in on Ms. Lewis' latest collaboration, Jenny and Johnny.

They opened for BofH in a very sneaky way, giving "surprise special guest" a whole new ah-ha! vibe. We've been wondering "where's Rilo Kiley?" for a very long while, hunting and peaking for any sign of them in the blogosphere, with no luck at all. So when Lluvia saw a wafey red-head crooning behind the microphone it took awhile to recognize that it was our long lost Jenny. If the title of her new album, I'm Having Fun Now, is any indication, her break from the boys of Rilo Kiley and The Watson Twins may be permanent.

We also need to give props to another redhead lead duo, Florence and the Machine. So brand spank'n new (at least to us), we're not even sure if Florence has a Johnny (it may be just her?!?). Their/Her new album, A Lot of Love. A Lot of Blood, is well worth a listen. Even if you don't like the tunes, you've got to admit the chevron striped dress on the album's cover was a great choice.


Street Peep Carla

We peeped Carla on the streets of Facebook in this amazing photo shot by Stacey Lynn. One thing that's great about "the book" is seeing our customers wearing their Wildflower finds. While Carla looks like a super model and her much loved pups and babe-alicious beau are extra stunning, we especially noticed her Idylle tee from the shop. Gorgeous!


We've Got Dresses! Yes We Do! We've Got Dresses! How 'Bout You?!

With the Fall wedding season and sorority mixers in full swing, and holiday formals and cocktail parties just around the corner, we've been working hard to check in, steam up and put out as many affordable party dresses as possible. What better than a cute frock for under $100! The price leaves room for accessories galore, dancing while drinking without too big a fear of ruining, and low anxiety wardrobe sharing with your roommate or sister.

Ark & Co. (their newest batch pictured above) is just one of the labels we found that offers some highly inspired looks for a great price. From a sea of thousands (and we're not kidding), Lluvia fished out the cutest ones at the market to bring back to the girls of Winston. We'll be getting in more and more, practically everyday, throughout the Fall/Winter season. Plus we'll be keeping track of who's wearing what to which event; greatly reducing your risk of being on the "Who Wore It Better" pages of Facebook.

So three cheers for us, and here's to a "super-cute-in-Japanese" party season for you! Let the games begin.


White Bean Dip

Our Fall Beija-Flor Trunk Show was a great time! We'll post pics very soon. Until then, we had to share the recipe for the event's most popular dip. It goes great with both skinny and bootcut jeans, in case you were wondering:) Amy McGinnis, from Let It Be Yoga, turned us onto the recipe and cookbook and it's been a favorite ever since.

Warm & Cheesy White Bean Dip
(from the Eat, Drink and Be Vegan by Dreena Burton)

1 cup cooked cannellini (white kidney) beans or navy beans
1/2 cup raw cashews
2 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 tsp red wine vinegar
1/3 cup nutritional yeast
1 medium clove garlic, sliced
1/2 tsp onion powder
1/2 tsp dry mustard
1/4 tsp ground turmeric (for color)
3/4 tsp sea salt
1/2 tsp fresh rosemary, minced (optional)
1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp plain rice milk
1 1/2 - 2 Tbsp olive oil
1-3 Tbsp plain rice milk (to thin dip as desired)

In a food processor, combine beans, cashews, lemon juice, and vinegar and puree to break down cashews, scraping down sides of bowl as needed. Add nutritional yeast, garlic, onion powder, dry mustard, turmeric, salt, rosemary, 1/2 cup + 2 Tbsp rice milk, and 1 1/2 Tbsp olive oil and puree again until very smooth (this may take 2-3 minutes), scraping down sides of bowl as needed. Transfer mixture to a saucepan on medium-low heat and cook to thicken mixture and heat through, stirring frequently and adding extra rice milk to think dip as desired. Taste, and stir in additional olive oil for a richer taste if desired.


Street Peep Lori

Lori in her BlankNYC tunic, textured tights, and water colored cowboy boots is yet another example of urban comfort wear. Or at-the-office comfort wear. Or out-to-dinner comfort wear. Or in today's case, going-grocery-shopping comfort wear. Lori stopped by after hitting Whole Foods and proved our point (as she always does) that looking cute and feeling comfortable is always an option.


Street Peep Cayce in JC Boots

Cayce's getting married draped in Wildflowers* . When she stopped by the shop for some last minute wedding accouterments she was wearing the very same Jeffrey Campbell boots we'll be getting in for Fall (she and they looked so stinkin' cute you know it was hard for us not to suggest she wear them down the aisle!). So we thought we'd share, tempt, tantalize, and preview what can also be yours. Bet you can't wait for yours to look just as loved as hers.

*clothes from Wildflower that is:) Congrats again and again to you and your man.


Street Peep Jessie

We've been saving this photo of Jessie Williams until we got in more of her "stuff" (a.k.a her beauteous feathers all the way from Wilmington, North Carolina). It's so nice supporting a local girl and it's even nicer that her earrings are so great! We spotted her in Las Vegas at the Pool Trade Show (she was there buying for her boutique). So great to put a face with some feathers, don't you think?


Ansley's Adornments

Today is a big day for Ansley! She's becoming a shop keeper, small business owner and an entrepreneur extraordinaire. Her new place is called Adornment Needlepoint Boutique and her mission is spark our crafty side. Need some stress relief, a social club, or to work on your creative self? Stop by and grab a canvas and some thread. Ansley offers all you'll need to make a belt, pillow, bag, or even some shoes. This is the kind of stuff family heirlooms are made of!

Adornment Needlepoint Boutique
117-B Reynolda Village


Street Peep Shannon

Weston Wear does it again! The consignment sale does it again! Shannon does it again! She's one of our biggest out-of-state fans. Could be because she's Amy's niece, but it might also have to do with how great she looks in Wildflower duds.


Memories and Milestones

(click on collage to really check out the photos)

Wow, it's been six years since Lluvia cut the ribbon and opened the door to Wildflower as the new owner (thanks Robbie for letting it go). That month (Sept '04), we had our very first Trunk Show to celebrate (with these candid snaps to prove it).

Before baby Stella there was baby Charlie (hanging around and flirting with all the customers). Before Anne Maynard (oh, how we love you Annabanana) there was Anne Campbell (we loved her too!). Before skinny jeans, feathers and moccasins, there were baby doll tops, low low low rise denim and lots of sequins (and we mean lots).

Here's to six years of life, six years of the best customers and employees ever, and six years of fashion!!!


Forming New Habits

Maria and Beatrice are material martyrs, fabric fiends and cloth conscious. They love them some fibers and they keep each other hooked on the stuff. OK, enough word play (even though it's relevant, we promise:)

With an emerging knit collection aptly named Textile Junkie (!!!), these girls have designed "it" shapes for Fall, using the softest of fabrics. We say drapey, boxie, and oversized. Whatever the name, whatever it's called, it seems fresh and we like it.

When asked why they decided to go out on their own (both had worked for larger designers), they said it was their love of textiles that has always kept them motivated. So while their shapes will likely change with the flow of fashion, their devotion to great fabrics will always remain the cornerstone of Textile Junkie.

With the line being woman-owned AND made state-side (in this case Los Angeles, where the label is based), you'll feel good about supporting their new habit (and yours).


Street Peep Alison 2.0

Miss Me tee and De La Luna vintage bag from Wildflower

Alison's had a super full year. Since she last made an appearance as a Street Peep, she's been to Puerto Rico (to live) and back. Now she's settled in as a stylist at VanDavis Aveda and works at Wildflower as our favorite guest employee.

We heard she's been playing kickball lately. With her super hot Nike sneaks, and now some Bellaviahair Hair Glitz (more on this later), she has no choice but to be a power player. Run Alison run!


Street Peep Helen 2.0

Helen is our first reappearing Street Peep. Decked out in Wildflower, head to toe, with hearts to share and teal shoes to match. We love that she's lovin' Wildflower as much as we <3 her.


Music Know How

You know how sometimes you instantly like an album the first time you hear it? And you can't really explain why, except you know it's catchy and upbeat and something about the British accents makes you like it even more. And when you hear the song where the boy and girl play off each other, and sing different lyrics at the same time, it reminds you of The Sound of Music, but you don't really know why, or what it's called when singers do that, or if it's even a "technical" music thing but you like it, just like you like all the other lyrics on the album. Well...that's how we feel about Standard Fare's The Noyelle Beat.

And you know how you hear someone talk about a band so you check them out and think, "that was nice". Then you listen to them again a few days later and start to wonder, "where have I been?" And then after the third listen you're totally hooked, suggesting them to everyone, and looking up tour dates on MySpace. Well...that's what happened with Band of Horses.


What the Blank-ety, Blank, Blank!?!

When a line of jeans starts at $68, has great rise, comfort and style options, what's not to <3 and XOXO. The story of BlankNYC (the who, where, how, why) has always been allusive, making it kind of hard to share a designer profile with their fans! But trust us, their "people" have a downtown NYC creditability (a street-fashion smarts) so who needs details.

This Fall they've added cargo skinnies, denim dresses, and neutral colors that go beyond blue. Plus they've raised their rise and softened their fabrics. With the line slowly becoming urban comfort wear, sporting head-to-toe denim has never been more tempting.


Weston Wear, You're 30!?!?

We can't believe you've hit the big 3-0. You're certainly wise enough to be 30 (it shows in your great fit). Plus you're the kind of dress maker that works so well for 30+ year old women (thank you for that, it's not easy to find a dress that makes you feel NOT your age and your age at the same time). So we'll believe you when you say it, and we'll toast this impressive milestone every time one of your dresses makes one of our customers feel amazing. Your colors, prints, fit, function and style are always the bomb.

The Wildflower Girls


Consignment Sale '10 Scrapbook

Notes-to-Self for next time:
  • Check for rain on set-up day and plan accordingly (wet clothes=not good)
  • Eat breakfast before the sale starts (a.k.a. don't open doors until we get breakfast)
  • Remember to smile when ten people are waiting to pay and cranberry juice spills all over the counter
  • Have back up calculator for when cranberry juice spills all over counter (or don't use calculator and practice adding in our heads!)
  • Remind shoppers it's tax-free weekend (cha-ching for them)
  • Ask Allison to work ahead of time (thanks A for stepping in literally mid-sale:)
  • More mirrors in the backroom
  • Hang sale clothes by color (it's so much prettier that way)
  • Mark sale jeans so full-price jeans don't go for $25 too (oops)
  • Convince Penny Griffith to bring more consignment:)
We had a great weekend! Thanks to everyone for bringing in, coming out, and buying up! Until next year...


Consignment Countdown

We were at work all day yesterday setting up for our BIG sale event. The store has been transformed into a hunting ground:) Everything has been marked to sell: all jeans $25, all shoes $20, all boots $30 and everything else $50 or less. Some of the finds up for grabs include pieces by Catherine Maladrino, Betsey Johnson, Michael Stars, Free People, and a few vintage dresses thanks to one very stylish consignment customer. We have lots of brands/designers you don't always see at Wildflower (plus a ton that you do!!!). We hope you'll stop by (a couple times) this weekend to find your next favorite outfit. See you soon.


Desigual for All

In Spanish, Desigual means "unequal" and when you see our newest brand's Fall '10 collection this name will seem just about right. Anytime we carry something from Europe the colors and prints are always super unique and Desigual is no exception. So far they've offered boldness and graphics galore; like their skirts and dresses, which will transition nicely into cool weather but can still be worn now with a bright tee and sandals. Pictured here is just a sample. Stop by to see their winter knits and coats too. They're making a name for themselves this side of the Atlantic and we're happy to help out. Viva la Desigual for all!!!


Cali Comes a Callin'

We're constantly trying to find new and inspiring musicians to share with our customers. Thanks to last Saturday night's show at The Garage we found some right in our own backyard.

You'll want to claim Rose's Pawn Shop as your own. They sound like good 'ol homegrown Appalachian boys. Yet another local bluegrass band we can take pride in. But they're not and that's one thing that makes them intriguing. These boys come from Los Angeles wearing Vans slip-ons and all.

Preview them on our video playlist (see below) then check them out at Floydfest this weekend (we'll be there with bells, feathers & our Vans on too).


Melts In Your Mouth

Here's a few of the pieces by MM Couture that we just got in. A 'lil bit street & a 'lil bit high fashion, this line by Miss Me is fast becoming a Wildflower Girl favorite. We can't stop at just one!


Street Peep Emilie

If you don't know Emilie Taylor, you should! She loves cashmere in the winter, cotton in the summer, and Prada bags all year long. A little bit high fashion and a lot free spirit, friend to everyone (a.k.a stranger to no one), we love when she drops by to chat and try on. Like yesterday, when inspiration was needed, there was Emilie with the latest Barneys Co-Op catalog (check out the model's braided hairstyles!), speaking German to some little ones (kids speaking German is fun) and sharing her wisdom, as always.


Sharing is Fun

email from a happy Mom:

Hi! We were in your store in March, looking for a prom dress for my daughter (Ady). We found the Von Vonni with your help, and it has since been to two proms here in Baltimore. Worn two different ways! The attached pictures don’t really do it justice, I’m afraid.

Thank you for your help. It’s a classic and a stunner!

All best, Lynn Pié


Street Peep Helen

Helen works at Single Brothers. We love that place + We love this outfit = We heart Helen...or something like that:)


Seychelles and BC Footwear O My

spring and summer '10 styles & their creators
L to R: Katie of BC & Miranda of Seychelles

Meet Miranda and Katie, Katie and Miranda. The girls who dress our feet, give us height, color our closets from the bottom up. They're the design team who puts together collection after collection of Seychelles (that's "say shells") and BC Footwear. Without them many great Wildflower outfits might have gone unworn. So first and foremost "Thank You" girls for all that you do: making sure the fit is relatively comfy, the look is spot on current, and the price is nice. You'd definitely have Dorothy out of those tired old ruby reds in no time flat.


Street Peep Blaire

We have the best customers! Everyone has an adventure to share and a raison d'être. Blaire's is wigs and makeup. She's off to Colorado this summer for an apprenticeship with an opera company where she'll create the look of many a character. One of her last stops on the way out of town was Wildflower to pick up this cute outfit, including some feathers. Look out CO, a little bit of NC is on her way.

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Stella and the Sun

The celestial stars were lined up perfectly for the Wildflower girls to take Stella to her first music festival. It was a Sunday (so no one had to tend the store), The Avett Brothers were playing, Anne had backstage passes (thanks Ron for all your hard work) and the sun was shining bright. The whole day was perfect: awesome music and a 'lil dancing, a table full of vegan yumyums, great lawn seats with lots of room to spread out, no alcohol so no headaches, and the adults learned the meaning of "reapply" (always a good lesson before summer officially starts). Thanks Merle! We'll see you next year.

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Four Weddings and a Graduation

Every now and then we get a call from someone wanting to order flowers. It must be our name, right? We usually point them to PriceDavis Florist on Burke Street. We've been using them for years and love their creativity. Just give them a theme and they whip up an amazing arrangement. So with Mother's Day, wedding season and graduations fast approaching we thought we'd give them a plug. Here's their number 800.677.2270 if you're ever in need.

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Disney Done Right

We've been promising to do this vacation thing with the Lilla P Origami Wrap so Susie took on the challenge. Four ways in as many days: tunic, cowl, wrap and cardi. Thanks to her family, especially little Annie, for making this experiment happen sooner than later (we heard that she pushed for Disney).

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Bonita Owlita

Ashley Doty with her goods

Rumor has it that a Spring '10 selection of the long awaited, highly coveted Owlita feather earrings will arrive this week. When we saw what Ashley had to offer (all the way back in February) we could hardly stand that we had to wait until now. We knew that Winston-Salem needed more feathers, fast!

Ashley's been brewing some awesome spring colors in her Portland, Oregon studio but it all started in her kitchen, which is a funny image if you think about it. When we first met her a few years back she was a visiting artist with Rise Up International and all her creations were made from home. Dying wet feathers doesn't make for the best aromatherapy, so when her housemates couldn't stand the mess (remember this had become a high demand 24/7 operation!) she decided to make the leap to full-time earring maker, with her own studio space as an added benefit.

Just in time for this summer's music festivals, a little Owlita will definitely get you noticed, if not invited backstage. But be careful, we've been told some crazy stories from one customer's near death experience ("Girl, I'm gonna kill you for those earrings."), to another happily thinking "I must look extra bonita today" until she realized it wasn't really her face everyone was looking at, it was the feathers.
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Street Peep Lauren

A friend of Lauren's (a self-proclaimed vintage shopper) gave her this jumpsuit just in time for spring. Do you have anything you're "over" that someone else might love?
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Beija Believers

Look out Seven, Citizens, Joe's! After last month's Beija-Flor Trunk Show you'll be seeing lots of Beija butts all over town. The trunk show totally confirmed woman love these jeans.

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Lights, Camera, Origami

Instructional videos have never looked so cute! Whether you've just bought one, need a refresher, or have no idea what we're talking about, here's The Origami by Lilla P.

Right now, we've got tons of great colors for spring (including a cap sleeved version) but they won't last long. The Origami is a tried and true favorite at Wild Flower.


Denim 101

This Sunday, March 21st, from 1pm to 6pm we'll be hosting our first 2010 Trunk Show with our best-selling premium denim line, Beija-Flor.

Why all the fuss?:
  1. You'll be able to see a full selection of their styles (including many we don't normally keep in stock) and find your perfect size (whether you're a 0, a 16, or somewhere in between).
  2. Denim expert, Kathy Moca (owner of Beija-Flor), will be on hand to share her wisdom, help you find the perfect style for your body, and listen to your feedback.
  3. You'll save 10% at the show on all your Beija-Flor purchases.
  4. Food and drinks, drinks and food; they'll both be served for your epicurious enjoyment.
  5. If you bring a friend you'll receive 20% off something cute to go with your new Beija-Flors.
  6. The odds are stacked in your favor. We've found that Beija-Flors work for 95% of the woman that try them on! So come ready for success.
Read more about "the fuss" here and here.

See you Sunday!


CC Part II - Preloved

Spring '10 Preloved; in the store NOW:)

The people behind Preloved are what make it so special and we're not just talking about the designers. Each style has a story, one it can never tell, about its previous owners (a former life) because each piece is made from fabrics that have been reclaimed, remade, and upcycled: trench coats, oxford, polo and western shirts, khaki pants, men's suiting, fair-isle sweaters, even draperies and bedding; the list could go on and on. It may be TMI to put it this way, but these clothes are reincarnated.

Highly tailored and stylized, Preloved is some of the best recycled wear we've found. Their secret is in the design but also the multiple fabric combinations. Since each piece is literally one-of-a-kind, imagine the time commitment of picking what goes with what for each individual garment! These guys have quality control down and it shows.

fabric combos make Preloved much loved

So what about "these guys"; the real tangible people behind Preloved? Founder Julia Grieve is something of a Canadian Cindy Crawford. Besides being a mom of three with tons of high energy, she's an eco-minded former model turned TV host and entrepreneur. Then there's Peter (Creative Director and head designer) who miraculously never runs out of ways to reinvent "scraps of forgotten work pants". Hailing from Toronto, EVERYONE we meet from the Preloved team has the coolest urban vibe that transfers right into their line. O man, if these clothes could talk!
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Canadian Conspiracy Part I - Kersh

The Canadians obviously make good hockey (ouch!) and their comedy is pretty great too (Mike Myers where are you?) but did you know their fashion is some of the best around?

Kersh makes some hot knits, for one. Gentle Fawn is another. And who can forget Preloved, Left On Houston, & Pure & Simple; these lines are definitely on our list of personal favorites. So even though we didn't get a chance to watch a lot of the Olympics, it got us thinking we should do a series of posts about Canadian lines.

Over the next few months we'll feature some north-of-the-border snaps (just like the ones below) one designer at a time. Who better to be first then Kersh? They're Vancouver based (just like The Games) and some of their spring pieces are already in the store, helping us ease through the transition from dead cold to mild & sunny.

Take a look for yourselves and tell us the Canadians aren't plotting a fashion conspiracy up their very cute sleeves.

Spring '10 Kersh
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Saturday's Street Peep Violet

Note the Minnetonka mocs on little Violet! She stopped by on Saturday with Mac & Cheese (the 'lil guy on her arm) to see her favorite Wild Flower Girl, Anne (her BFF & Nana).

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