Happy Small Business Saturday

Is it weird to cry when watching this video? 20% off storewide continues today.


Happy Thanksgiving Sale!

Hi Everyone,
This season's Holiday Open House was so great (& so busy we had no time to take pics to share)! We have the best customers around. We're hoping to see just as many smiling faces at this weekend's...


Gather up the family and a friends and come on over for 20% off storewide. It's a great time to buy your favorite thing or the perfect gift. We'll be open...

Friday & Saturday 10-6
Sunday 1-5

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

xoxo, the Wildflower Girls

p.s. Don't forget to buy local this holiday season!


Holiday Open House & DYOD SALE 2011

Put on your favorite party dress!

 Holiday Open House
this Thursday Night
5pm - 9pm
Every November we love to say THANK YOU to our customers by bringing everyone together for a night of give-aways, refreshments, crazy cute clothing, and a Draw Your Own Discount Sale!

A little bit like a raffle and grab bag combined, DYOD Sales have become a perennial favorite. Here's how it works...when you're done shopping, you'll reach into "the hat" and draw your discount. 25% to 50% will be taken off your entire purchase depending on what you draw. Who doesn't love that?!?

So please stop by for a special night of shopping, conversation and fun. It's all about the love and we'd love to see you.


All Denim ON SALE this Weekend

ALL your favorite jeans
25% off
this Friday & Saturday only!
the BlankNYC Spray-On
the Beija-Flor Jennifer
the David Kahn Nikki
plus more & more!


Kelly Lane Trunk Show

Trunk Show
Sunday, October 16th
1pm - 6pm
We're getting ready to add another Wildflower girl (or boy) to our team this holiday season.
So we're keeping our hours simple.

We'll be open Monday-Saturday 10am 'til 6pm plus
one Sunday a month October thru December.

Stop by this Sunday, October 16th, for some Fall and holiday shopping (while the store is full of great finds). Plus we're bringing in Kelly Lane dresses and separates for a special once-a-year Trunk Show.

Friend us on Facebook to stay up to date on more Holiday Events and Sales.


Beija-Flor Denim Trunk Show

Trunk Show
Sunday, September 25th 
1pm - 6pm
So what's all the fuss about?

1. You'll be able to see a full selection of their styles (including many we don't normally keep in stock) and find your perfect size (whether you're a 0, a 16, or somewhere in between).

2. The odds are stacked in your favor. We've found that Beija-Flor works for 95% of the woman that try them on! So come ready for success.

3. A Beija expert from their team will be on hand to share her wisdom, help you find the perfect style for your body, and listen to your feedback.

4. You'll save 10% at the show on all your Beija-Flor purchases.

5. If you bring a friend you'll receive 20% off something cute to go with your new Beija-Flor jeans.

6. You may win a FREE pair of jeans! 
Leave a comment (on our blog or Facebook page) about your favorite jeans or what you're looking for in a favorite jean and we'll enter you to win a free pair at our Beija-Flor Trunk Show (u have to attend to win...sorry out of town friends:)

6. Food and drinks, drinks and food!!!


Street Peep Anne Meade

Ahhh, yet another customer we love. Anne Meade stopped by on Friday (after a day of teaching at Downtown Elementary) and picked up some teaching duds. Personal style isn't something that can be taught, but if it was, we'd be signing up for Anne Meade's class. She's got a knack for the little things that make you wish you'd "thought of that".


Vegas Times Twelve

With Lluvia 6 months pregnant (and carrying a small fortune in Owlita feathers!), we made it once again to "Vegas". We've traveled to the shows in Las Vegas thirteen times over the years (oh wait make it twelve thanks to baby Stella:) and this past trip we kicked ourselves for not archiving better! But we still have good memories of funny stories and a few snaps of our crazy outfits. And who cares, really? What matters most is the here and now and what's to be. Fall 2011 is already shipping and Spring 2012 is officially "on order". Stand by for details.



 An ode to Madonna's early 80s look. It keeps on inspiring. Happy Birthday Material Girl! 


Street Peep Rachel

click pic to make bigger
Rachel looked so super cute (as always) last Friday; we just had to take a snap. Besides she picked up her Petit Pois pants at the big Sidewalk Sale and isn't that what Street Peeping is all about; how you all are wearing your Wildflower finds. Goddaughter to Jennifer Kaye Design's owner, Jennifer Kaye, Rachel takes head (a.k.a her hair) to toe (a.k.a her shoes) cuteness to the HNL every time we see her. Come back soon Rachel, we always need the kind of inspiration you're offering.


Sidewalk Sale Starts Tomorrow!!!

Wildflower has always been known for selection. On any given day Lluvia really fills up our racks with a huge variety of cuteness. So when we say that this weekend the sidewalk and the store will be packed to the brim like never before, you know this Sale is going to be ginormous! 

What started out as a simple email asking for consignment has turned into our biggest event ever. We'll have thousands of clearance items and gently-worn consignment finds all marked to sell with the majority between $10-$30. Clothes, shoes, scarves, denim, and bags all up for grabs and tax-free.

Doors are open from 9am 'til 7pm both Friday and Saturday

Remember to wear something that makes it easy to try stuff on. Bring your friends for opinions. Bring snacks for sustenance. We can't wait to see you at this huge community event!

'09's Sale in Full Swing
Happy Customers from Last Year's Sale


Falling for Fall 2011

It's almost time for market, so we thought we'd take a flip through the Fall '11 Ready-to-Wear runway shows and look for signs of what we might be seeing (and buying) in Vegas. Remembering Meryl Streep's speech, as Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada, it's probably safe to say that our choices for Wildflower will, somehow in someway, be dictated by these shows: Marc Jacobs, Balenciaga, Prada and Miu Miu, and don't forget Chanel. Check them out at Style.com.


What the Crop?

Nothing shows the evolution of fashion like a mother/daughter "who wore it best". Lisa Bonet and her super cool daughter, Zoe Kravitz, prove that waistlines are just as much a slave to fashion as hemlines. Back in 1991 it would have been probably impossible to convince anyone that a high waist was a better look for a crop top. Cut to 20 years later and really it's no contest. Zoe takes the prize for best crop top ensemble, don't you think? We're so glad she's all grown up and ready to provide some fashion inspiration. Thanks mom, you're finally back, kinda!


Two are 2

They're 2! In these pics they're more like 1 but photos of Tullah and Stella at the shop are harder to come by these days. If you haven't heard the details, Tullah was born on a glorious day in March while the sun was shining and Stella a mere one day later at 1:01 am under the stars. Two sisters became moms (again) so two cousins could be 2 together. We love that story. Happy Birthday you two!!!!


the Wildflower Girls


Street Peep Shannon

If Street Peeping were a contest, Shannon would be our 2011 winner (at least so far). We haven't had a Street Peep since little Stella way back in December. Must be that this year's awful weather has kept everyone's Wildflower duds covered up. So when Shannon walked by yesterday in two of our most tried-and-true pieces (XCVI ruched skirt and Lilla P origami wrap), we knew Spring had finally arrived and Street Peeping was back on!!!

Shannon is one of those woman to admire. We love that she is the dedicated owner of Home Instead Senior Care, and a mother to two little ones and her teenage sister. She's willing put herself smack dab in the middle of the Sandwich Generation from sunup to sundown AND manages to always look this great and this happy:)


Loving Las Vegas

Just like Vegas, the sun is shining in Winston too. So here we go. Post-market notes in 10 minutes or less. We need to get outside and off this computer!

Cream, beige, shell pink, and white...you gotta love 'em or you'll go naked:)

ROY G. BIVS to <3:
  • ox-blood red (a.k.a burgundy for all you vegans),
  • coral-y orange,
  • the brightest yellows and some mustard,
  • army green,
  • the purest indigo and
  • shades of violet
Skirts in every length (we like the loooonnnngggg ones)

You could say Maxi dresses are back too but did they ever really go away?!?!? We picked up a good assortment for Spring.

Tons of florals & cute little prints

Lace wants to be important too (and it is)

Sheer dressing (lace is so happy, it loves being a layer)

70s Bo-ho is becoming a classic (designers can't seem to shake it)

Boxy shapes and loose dressing in tops and bottoms is huge. It's still the freshest look on the block.

Move over Ms. butterfly, owl and horse, the zebra is joining the party.


Out of Print & You

Just got an email from the team at Out of Print tees. So many of you have bought one of their tees because you love a certain book without even knowing that you were supporting a great cause!!! Seems that your love of reading (and of course fashion) has helped Out of Print reach their goal and has given the kids of Africa the gift of a really great read:)

1 year. 70,000 books. All thanks to you!

To our customers, partners and supporters,

We thank you. The shirts you purchased in the last year have sent over 70,000 books to communities in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and Cameroon. You are helping to end the book famine in Africa and to spread the gift of reading.

We hope this is just the beginning.



Todd Lawton Jeff LeBlanc


Have You Seen These Feathers?

About a month ago one of the Wildflower girls lost an Owlita feather earring and it felt a little like when you drop your iPhone and the screen shatters. It's hard to explain and it sounds kind of crazy, but you feel like crying, which makes you feel kind of silly, then confused, then panicked. Deep breathing is necessary, then you get down to fixing the problem (which in this case meant calling Breakfast Of Course and asking if they had a lost-and-found).

The whole incident got us thinking, what is this feather thing is all about? We've wondered just how much longer people would want to adorn themselves in feathers. It's been a good long while since we started carrying them; 3 years in the world of trends is a whole journey not just a pit stop. We've seen them become part of the Winston-Salem zeitgeist and now you can even have them woven into your hair (which we're kind of loving:) Until you loose one, it's easy to be irreverent and think this feather thing is going to feel passe really soon.

Now here's where we could go on and on about nature; about the subconscious and archetypal attachment we've realized one develops with their feathers. How they're comforting and liberating, not just beautiful but spiritual. But we'll just leave you to ponder that and close by saying...

Even after the fashion part has died down, and other earrings start to look cute again, we can almost guarantee that your feathers will still have a place (if nowhere else, then at least on your dressing table). They're too stunning not to be on display or cherished as an heirloom. So if you're a slave to fashion, think twice before you shuffle them to the donate pile. Take it from someone who longer has the option!

If you've seen the above pictured earring laying on the streets of Winston, please let us know. We weren't kidding with our post's title, "Have You Seen These Feathers?"


Breathing Time Machines

WOW, 2010 was a year to remember AND a year not to remember. We really can't decide!?! All years are like that, right? We keep the bits we want (((:IN STEREO:))) and turn the volume way down on those we don't. But all the pieces are always part of us.

We decided to take our pieces to Asheville on Friday where we piled into the Civic Center to ring in 2011 with The Avett Brothers. The whole place (of 7000!!!) knew every word to every song. We were definitely a hometown crowd.

Our small group (the people we serendipitously stood around) became the "4-hour Gang". From 8:30pm to around 1am, we shared stories, cried a little, and stood up to the revelers who tried to push to the front. Sam was there too: in the shimmer from Holli's jacket, in the balloons that fell from the ceiling, and in the balcony watching over us. He'll sit in that seat from now until forever. Looking out for his Breathing Time Machines. We love you Sam. Happy New Year!