Street Peep Alison 2.0

Miss Me tee and De La Luna vintage bag from Wildflower

Alison's had a super full year. Since she last made an appearance as a Street Peep, she's been to Puerto Rico (to live) and back. Now she's settled in as a stylist at VanDavis Aveda and works at Wildflower as our favorite guest employee.

We heard she's been playing kickball lately. With her super hot Nike sneaks, and now some Bellaviahair Hair Glitz (more on this later), she has no choice but to be a power player. Run Alison run!


Street Peep Helen 2.0

Helen is our first reappearing Street Peep. Decked out in Wildflower, head to toe, with hearts to share and teal shoes to match. We love that she's lovin' Wildflower as much as we <3 her.


Music Know How

You know how sometimes you instantly like an album the first time you hear it? And you can't really explain why, except you know it's catchy and upbeat and something about the British accents makes you like it even more. And when you hear the song where the boy and girl play off each other, and sing different lyrics at the same time, it reminds you of The Sound of Music, but you don't really know why, or what it's called when singers do that, or if it's even a "technical" music thing but you like it, just like you like all the other lyrics on the album. Well...that's how we feel about Standard Fare's The Noyelle Beat.

And you know how you hear someone talk about a band so you check them out and think, "that was nice". Then you listen to them again a few days later and start to wonder, "where have I been?" And then after the third listen you're totally hooked, suggesting them to everyone, and looking up tour dates on MySpace. Well...that's what happened with Band of Horses.


What the Blank-ety, Blank, Blank!?!

When a line of jeans starts at $68, has great rise, comfort and style options, what's not to <3 and XOXO. The story of BlankNYC (the who, where, how, why) has always been allusive, making it kind of hard to share a designer profile with their fans! But trust us, their "people" have a downtown NYC creditability (a street-fashion smarts) so who needs details.

This Fall they've added cargo skinnies, denim dresses, and neutral colors that go beyond blue. Plus they've raised their rise and softened their fabrics. With the line slowly becoming urban comfort wear, sporting head-to-toe denim has never been more tempting.


Weston Wear, You're 30!?!?

We can't believe you've hit the big 3-0. You're certainly wise enough to be 30 (it shows in your great fit). Plus you're the kind of dress maker that works so well for 30+ year old women (thank you for that, it's not easy to find a dress that makes you feel NOT your age and your age at the same time). So we'll believe you when you say it, and we'll toast this impressive milestone every time one of your dresses makes one of our customers feel amazing. Your colors, prints, fit, function and style are always the bomb.

The Wildflower Girls


Consignment Sale '10 Scrapbook

Notes-to-Self for next time:
  • Check for rain on set-up day and plan accordingly (wet clothes=not good)
  • Eat breakfast before the sale starts (a.k.a. don't open doors until we get breakfast)
  • Remember to smile when ten people are waiting to pay and cranberry juice spills all over the counter
  • Have back up calculator for when cranberry juice spills all over counter (or don't use calculator and practice adding in our heads!)
  • Remind shoppers it's tax-free weekend (cha-ching for them)
  • Ask Allison to work ahead of time (thanks A for stepping in literally mid-sale:)
  • More mirrors in the backroom
  • Hang sale clothes by color (it's so much prettier that way)
  • Mark sale jeans so full-price jeans don't go for $25 too (oops)
  • Convince Penny Griffith to bring more consignment:)
We had a great weekend! Thanks to everyone for bringing in, coming out, and buying up! Until next year...


Consignment Countdown

We were at work all day yesterday setting up for our BIG sale event. The store has been transformed into a hunting ground:) Everything has been marked to sell: all jeans $25, all shoes $20, all boots $30 and everything else $50 or less. Some of the finds up for grabs include pieces by Catherine Maladrino, Betsey Johnson, Michael Stars, Free People, and a few vintage dresses thanks to one very stylish consignment customer. We have lots of brands/designers you don't always see at Wildflower (plus a ton that you do!!!). We hope you'll stop by (a couple times) this weekend to find your next favorite outfit. See you soon.