Holiday Happiness

Best Open House to date, ever:) What a great way to start the holiday season. A few snaps were taken in between the laughing, sipping and shopping. Wish we'd gotten one of everybody. Memories will have to do; here's to a bunch more good ones before 2010 ends.

P.S. Loved the dips? Here are the recipes (both vegan BTW)!

Warm and Cheesy White Bean Dip
Indian Spinach Dip


Hello Hollywood

Last time we saw Olivia Mitchell she was bringing us a frittata from Whole Foods. It was August, our Consignment Sale was in full swing, and Olivia was working on her karma delivering the girls of Wildflower some much needed sustenance (we have the best customers!).

Cut to November. Olivia's living in Los Angeles, attending USC as a high school senior (who knew they had a program?!?) and making music videos on the beaches of Malibu. Proof that good deeds pay, don't you think?

Our favorite line from her latest video, "Celebrities there are really here"!!!


Thank You Band of Horses

Yes that's Jenny Lewis in the top album cover! Little did we know she has a new thang going with someone named Johnny. It wasn't until Lluvia motivated and drove to Asheville to see one of our other favs (Band of Horses) that we got filled in on Ms. Lewis' latest collaboration, Jenny and Johnny.

They opened for BofH in a very sneaky way, giving "surprise special guest" a whole new ah-ha! vibe. We've been wondering "where's Rilo Kiley?" for a very long while, hunting and peaking for any sign of them in the blogosphere, with no luck at all. So when Lluvia saw a wafey red-head crooning behind the microphone it took awhile to recognize that it was our long lost Jenny. If the title of her new album, I'm Having Fun Now, is any indication, her break from the boys of Rilo Kiley and The Watson Twins may be permanent.

We also need to give props to another redhead lead duo, Florence and the Machine. So brand spank'n new (at least to us), we're not even sure if Florence has a Johnny (it may be just her?!?). Their/Her new album, A Lot of Love. A Lot of Blood, is well worth a listen. Even if you don't like the tunes, you've got to admit the chevron striped dress on the album's cover was a great choice.