The Lumineers

Worth a listen, then a purchase, then a live show...absolutely. The Lumineers played in Raleigh Wednesday night when they opened for The Dave Matthews Band. What a great act to follow! Check out a video and let us know what you think. I think they'll fit right in at Wildflower.
xoxo amy


Sweaters to Betsy

I picked green...
Anne picked grey:)
Surprise! We ordered up a whole new batch of Wooden Ships sweaters to finish out the season. They arrived yesterday and look amazing. The line really lends itself to personal style because their sweaters have a sense of being basic with just a hint of  their own personality. Of course, Anne and I had to pick one out for ourselves. Shoulda snapped an Instagram but there's always time for that; feels like it's going to be a cold winter.

xoxo amy


20% off the Whole Turkey

We love this picture and pull it out every year when it's time to announce our After Thanksgiving Sale. Photo credits go to Freedom of Choice denim for taking such a great snap; it couldn't be more perfect for little ol' Wildflower Boutique. BTW Minnetonka moccasins have been a big part of our story for years now. Let's make them the official shoe of Thanksgiving!!!

20% off
Everything You Bring to the Counter
Friday & Saturday
Nov. 23rd & 24th
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


Amy McG's Party Dips & Chips 2012

Guacamole with Pomegranate Seeds

Place ingredients in bowl in this order:
4 avocados
juice from 1 1/2 lemons
1/2 red onion. chopped
1 lrg clove garlic, pressed
a few dashes of Franks red hot sauce
Mash with a fork
Add seeds from a pomegranate and stir:)
Great served with belgian endive leaves and chips

Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Roast three red peppers over a flame, place in a covered bowl to steam
Make cashew creme fraiche:
2 c raw cashews soaked in water overnight and then drained
1/4 c. lemon juice
2 T. evoo
3/4 c. water (scant)
1/2 t. sea salt

Place all these items in Vitamix or high speed blender and blend until smooth
Peel and seed peppers and place in food processor with 1 sweet onion and 1 1/2 T. lemon juice, puree
Add 1 c. plus a few T cashew creme fraiche plus 1 to 11/2 t. Herbamare to taste, blend, chill and serve
(If you are vegetarian you can substitute whipped cream cheese for the cashew creme fraiche)

Salty-Sweet Pistachio Crisps

Pizza dough your recipe or make your own
Mine has 3 c. flour, 1 c water, agave, salt and evoo
Preheat oven to 450

Once dough has risen, divide in half, roll as thinly as possible and place on parchment paper on baking sheet, or can make on a pizza peel dusted with cornmeal and transfer to a baking stone
Brush dough lightly with evoo, sprinkle with a few tablespoons chopped pistachios, 1 T. sugar and a tiny bit of kosher salt
Bake until lightly browned 9-10 min. Cut or break into pieces


More Fun Than a Night Out in Miami

Last night was the first of many seasonal celebrations both in our personal lives and at the store; like there's a difference!:) Visiting with our longtime customers really is like catching up with family and that makes our Holiday Open House a big annual Wildflower family reunion.

Every year, on the morning after the party, I sit here and reflect on all the people who stopped by. It's totally inspiring when we have so many of our loyal and beautiful customers in the shop at the same time drinking champagne and helping each other pick out the perfect thing. A few of our favorite men always stop by too; every family reunion needs some husbands and fathers, right!?

When two of the revelers wrapped up the night by saying "This has been more fun than a night out in Miami!" we knew it had been a great event, and once again the holidays had officially started.

xoxo amy


Opening Up for the Holidays

Our Holiday Open House is one of our favorite events all year and a customer favorite. Delicious refreshments, surprise give-aways and the Draw Your Own Discount Sale all make it a beautiful community gathering. It's our way of saying "Thank You" for a great year and for being so great! We love our customers!!!

Holiday Open House
Thursday Night, November 15th
5 o'clock until 9 o'clock
Refreshments, Give Aways &
Draw Your Own Discount Sale
25%-50% off your entire purchase!


Break Out Your Tulle Kit

If you don't already have a wool coat (and even if you do) stop by this weekend and get one by Tulle at 30% off. Since they're already a great price (around $108), this gives you a great reason to bundle up in some color this season.

Today & Monday
 30% off all Tulle Coats!
Be Warm


Dress Up for Halloween

We'll be putting on our Wildflower duds and hanging out this Halloween on one of Winston's favorite Trick-or-Treat streets in Ardmore. What will you be doing?

Stop by and tell us this weekend while we've got all our dresses at 20% off. Halloween sort of kicks off the holiday season so we thought it would be nice to get things rolling with a little sale.

This Friday and Saturday
20% off all in-stock Dresses!
What a Treat


Sidewalk Sale Starts Tomorrow

You know the sale...the one where we clear the store of all our full-priced merchandise and bring in a store full of (just-as-great) clearance items...for three days only!!!

The response to our call for consignment has been better than ever this year so remember to wear something that makes it easy to try stuff on (i.e. tank and leggings). We'll have thousands of clearance items too all marked to sell with the majority between $10-$30. Clothes, shoes, scarves, denim, and bags all up for grabs and tax-free.

Doors open from 9am 'til 7pm both Friday and Saturday. We're opening Sunday too, 1pm 'til 5pm!!! 

Bring your friends for opinions. Bring snacks for sustenance. We can't wait to see you at this huge community event!

xoxo the Wildflower Girls


Time to Clean Out Your Closet?

Bring us your gently-worn, Wildflower-esque clothing, shoes and bags before the end of July (no hangers please, just bring them in bags). We'll mark them to sell at this year's big Sidewalk Sale (Aug. 3rd & 4th). You'll get 1/2 of their sale price in Wildflower store credit. Whatever isn't purchased at the sale we'll donate to a local Women's Shelter. Store credit is issued the week following the sale and never expires. Use it to fill up your closet again!

xoxo the Wildflower Girls


July Inspiration + Month Long Discounts = Happiness

Lluvia got really inspired and re-merchandised the store yesterday just in time for our big all-month-long July Sale Event.  

To kick things off EVERYTHING will be at least 25% OFF this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (for the 3 days after July 4th)!!! That means the whole store is on sale including the beautiful outfits and displays that Lluvia is known for.  If you're a Wildflower regular you've probably noticed that she's constantly moving the clothes around; hanging, draping, combining and creating in a way that only she can. Yesterday was no exception. The store is full of color inspired themes from the ocean to the garden, from sunrise to sunset. You can always count on a couple of outfits inspired by the Wildflower Girls too. I took these pictures just this morning so that I could post a virtual glimpse at what she's done. But really you need to come in this weekend (if you're in town) and see for yourselves. Inspiration and discounts abound!!!

If you're lucky enough to be on a 4th of July vacation but sad that you're missing this weekend's sale, don't despair! You can keep smiling. Our Sale Event is going on all month long. Back-of-the-store sale racks are super full with 30%-50% mark downs and we'll just keep adding to them all the way up until our big Annual Sidewalk Sale on August 3 and 4! So come on in for a cup full of discounts and a sip of inspiration...July is all about being happy at Wildflower.

xoxo amy



A Bunch of Street Peeps

We rarely capture five "Street Peeps" in the same post but it is springtime, it has been raining a lot, they do just keep popping up and they're all wearing clothes from a store called Wildflower! "Analogies prove nothing, that is true" wrote Sigmund Freud, "but they can make one feel more at home." 

Hopefully Kim, Annie, Lee, Claire and Carolyn feel right at home together because together they really do epitomize what Wildflower Boutique is all about. Our mission has always been about creating beauty and inspiration for EVERY woman regardless of age, height, size, or whatever else makes her unique. We love, love, love that our customers resemble a beautiful bundle of mixed wildflowers!!! And this bunch is especially special.
  • Kim (looking awesome in her Charlie Jade dress) was one of the very first Wildflower Girls! She remembers when the shop was filled with April Cornell and when Lluvia was simply a momma of one. Her long lasting, kindred friendship with Lluvia (they met while Kim was shopping at Wildflower) is proof that we're about way more than just fashion.
  • Annie (with her prom date) is another long time customer. Her mom, Noelle, started bringing her to Wildflower with her twin sister, Hallie, when they were both super small. Now they're super old (kidding!!!) and about to graduate from Reynolds High. Annie is as sweet, kind and smart as she is beautiful in her Veronica M gown.
  • We've known Lee a long time too. She's simply inspiring. Over the years we've envied her handstands and her master baking skills. These days she's selling Worth clothing through her own home-based business but she still makes room for Wildflower in her closet. Beija-Flor, Top Secret, and Kersh should be as glad as we are that she's wearing their clothes (cause she looks good!)
  • Claire (rock'n her Tulle dress and Seychelles boots) is sister to Jane who is best friends with Carolyn. So it's always fun when they run into each other at Wildflower (like in this photo). Claire should also meetup with Lee since they both love to cook. We're pretty sure she'd have something in common with Annie and Kim too because that's just the way Claire is; friendly and easy-going with lots of interests (including cute fashion:).
  • Carolyn bought her Weston Wear dress from us this spring but her necklace is from years back. It's one of the things we love about her and her mom, Julie. They find treasures and treasure them. She's in New Zealand right now and we can't wait to see what she brings back. If nothing else, we know she'll have some great stories to share in her eloquent and joyful way.


Spring & Love, Shopping & Sales are in the Air

All Spring we've been posting these "windows" to our Facebook account and completely neglecting our Blogger friends. But now's the perfect time to entice you with some Spring 2012 highlights because this weekend (for 3 days only) it's ALL going to be ON SALE!

Our "Draw Your Own Discount" Sale is the most complicated thing to explain (especially in writing) but it's really a brilliant idea that everyone (whose ever participated) has grown to love and anticipate. Basically, Lluvia hand writes discounts on little pieces of paper and puts them in a hat (it's very low tech and we love that:) She'll add lots of 25, 30 and 40 percent offs and then just one 50% to make it really exciting.

On sale days (which start tomorrow BTW Thursday, May 3rd) customers shop the entire store and then take their favorite finds to the counter where they reach into the hat to draw their discount. Whatever percentage they pick is taken off ALL of their full-priced items. Who doesn't love that?!?

So don't forget to check out the pictures we've posted below (they're a great sampling of what we have in the store). But even more importantly don't forget to come in this weekend (Thu, Fri & Sat) to shop our Springtime Draw Your Own Discount Sale!!! Love, Spring, Shopping and Sales are definitely in the air.


Smile! It's Beija-Flor

Smiling faces are considered another form of payment when you're selling jeans. Like bathing suits or bras, trying on denim is not everyone's favorite thing to do. Patience and endurance are good for climbing the hills of San Francisco but really, for trying on clothes??? Yep, when it comes to denim the little Buddha inside needs to come out.

That's why we've been bragging about Beija-Flor Jeans for a so long now. They still deliver the best fit for the most women in the quickest time! So this Saturday, we're bringing back their trunk and it's going to be full of their new Spring styles, including those we don't normally stock at Wildflower.

Check out their website to get familiar. After all, doing some leg work on the computer may save you even more time in the dressing room.

Saturday, March 31st, 10am-6pm
  • You'll receive 10% off all your Beija-Flor purchases.
  • Get 20% off something cute to go with your new Beija-Flor jeans.
  • You may win a FREE pair of jeans! Just bring and friend and you'll both be entered in a drawing.
  • You'll be able to see a full selection of Beija-Flor styles and find your perfect size (whether you're a 0, a 16, or somewhere in between).
  • The odds are stacked in your favor. We've found that Beija-Flor works for 95% of the woman that try them on! So come ready for success.
  • Beija experts will be on hand to share their wisdom, help you find the perfect style for your body, and listen to your feedback.
It's Ursula! Last Fall's winner of our Beija-Flor drawing. Note, she's smiling:)
Nicole "butt-lifting" Jean and their #1 best-seller, the Jennifer Jean


Your Toes Called...

It happens every March! When my toes aren't looking so hot, literally being hot isn't my first concern. It's 9:45am, I have to open the store in 15 minutes, so on go a pair of my Sock-It-To-Mes and of course, a pair of boots. But when the reality of 80 degrees sets in (oh about 1pm) and my face is beat red from the heat radiating up from my feet, getting a pedicure and some sandals just isn't going to happen fast enough.

So, with this sad story in mind, we've come up with a super fun and inspiring promotion! This Saturday (aka the 17th) we're offering (in partnership with Van Davis Aveda) 20% off a salon pedicure AND a free bottle of Butter London toxin-free nail polish to the first 10 customers who buy a pair of shoes from our fabulous new Spring collection.

Our shoe tree is so full of Seychelles, BC Footwear, Jeffery Campbell and Minnetonkas that it might just tip over + the Butter London colors are bright, beautiful and toxin-free+ Cindy & Brook over at Van Davis Aveda have donated the "20% off a pedicure" coupons and who doesn't love their hypnotic set up.

Doors open 10am. First 10 buyers are the winners. Your 10 toes will thank you (and us) for it.

xoxo amy

Just a sample of the fresh produce!


Paleface Gets a Dye Pretty Job

Paleface (a BFF to the Avett Brothers) is hanging his art at Dye Pretty Salon in downtown Winston starting this evening at 7pm. We already knew him as a musician but, like most highly inspired folks, it turns out he's a visual artist too. All  new original paintings will be on display (and for sale) through the end of the month and then on March 30th he'll be performing at The Garage with his super cute drummer & girlfriend, Mo. So put on your "Get'n to Know Paleface" outfit and check out this month's Paleface offerings.
(his art)

(his tunes)

(your outfit*)

*OK so we don't totally know him yet, but our "Get'n to Know Paleface" look would have to be by Praire Underground. This woman-owned, Seattle-based company is indie and awesome!!! xoxo


Street Peep Monica

Someone needs to tell Ego Hour that orange is the new black. Monica (one of their loooooong time Stratford Road stylists) looks gooooood, don't you think? She found her Free People poncho the first time she stopped by our clearance sale and deciding to wearing it with her fushia skinnys by Blank (another Wildflower find) was an awesome choice!


Lluvia and the Sale

Hi Everyone, 

Wildflower was so busy this past holiday season that we can hardly believe it's over. Lluvia gave birth to little baby Uma on December 3rd and it really kicked everything off in the most beautiful way. They "made an appearance" (i.e. worked:) on Christmas and New Year's Eve and filled the store with new baby love! But otherwise, Lluvia was resting and nesting...until NOW!

Her first order of business for January was marking down the store for our big Annual Winter Clearance Sale. As of this posting, even I'm not sure what all she's put on sale! The best way to find out is to come check out the goods while there's still good stuff left. What I do know is that it's all 30% to 50% OFF and super cute!

So Happy New Year all you crazy cool customers. We can't wait to see everyone in 2012.


the Wildflower Girls (c/o amy)