Loving Las Vegas

Just like Vegas, the sun is shining in Winston too. So here we go. Post-market notes in 10 minutes or less. We need to get outside and off this computer!

Cream, beige, shell pink, and white...you gotta love 'em or you'll go naked:)

ROY G. BIVS to <3:
  • ox-blood red (a.k.a burgundy for all you vegans),
  • coral-y orange,
  • the brightest yellows and some mustard,
  • army green,
  • the purest indigo and
  • shades of violet
Skirts in every length (we like the loooonnnngggg ones)

You could say Maxi dresses are back too but did they ever really go away?!?!? We picked up a good assortment for Spring.

Tons of florals & cute little prints

Lace wants to be important too (and it is)

Sheer dressing (lace is so happy, it loves being a layer)

70s Bo-ho is becoming a classic (designers can't seem to shake it)

Boxy shapes and loose dressing in tops and bottoms is huge. It's still the freshest look on the block.

Move over Ms. butterfly, owl and horse, the zebra is joining the party.


Out of Print & You

Just got an email from the team at Out of Print tees. So many of you have bought one of their tees because you love a certain book without even knowing that you were supporting a great cause!!! Seems that your love of reading (and of course fashion) has helped Out of Print reach their goal and has given the kids of Africa the gift of a really great read:)

1 year. 70,000 books. All thanks to you!

To our customers, partners and supporters,

We thank you. The shirts you purchased in the last year have sent over 70,000 books to communities in Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana and Cameroon. You are helping to end the book famine in Africa and to spread the gift of reading.

We hope this is just the beginning.



Todd Lawton Jeff LeBlanc


Have You Seen These Feathers?

About a month ago one of the Wildflower girls lost an Owlita feather earring and it felt a little like when you drop your iPhone and the screen shatters. It's hard to explain and it sounds kind of crazy, but you feel like crying, which makes you feel kind of silly, then confused, then panicked. Deep breathing is necessary, then you get down to fixing the problem (which in this case meant calling Breakfast Of Course and asking if they had a lost-and-found).

The whole incident got us thinking, what is this feather thing is all about? We've wondered just how much longer people would want to adorn themselves in feathers. It's been a good long while since we started carrying them; 3 years in the world of trends is a whole journey not just a pit stop. We've seen them become part of the Winston-Salem zeitgeist and now you can even have them woven into your hair (which we're kind of loving:) Until you loose one, it's easy to be irreverent and think this feather thing is going to feel passe really soon.

Now here's where we could go on and on about nature; about the subconscious and archetypal attachment we've realized one develops with their feathers. How they're comforting and liberating, not just beautiful but spiritual. But we'll just leave you to ponder that and close by saying...

Even after the fashion part has died down, and other earrings start to look cute again, we can almost guarantee that your feathers will still have a place (if nowhere else, then at least on your dressing table). They're too stunning not to be on display or cherished as an heirloom. So if you're a slave to fashion, think twice before you shuffle them to the donate pile. Take it from someone who longer has the option!

If you've seen the above pictured earring laying on the streets of Winston, please let us know. We weren't kidding with our post's title, "Have You Seen These Feathers?"