Saturday's Street Peep Violet

Note the Minnetonka mocs on little Violet! She stopped by on Saturday with Mac & Cheese (the 'lil guy on her arm) to see her favorite Wild Flower Girl, Anne (her BFF & Nana).

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Vegas Diary

We made it home safely from our spring trip to market with tons of inspiration under our belts and lots of goodies on the way. Happily, our pre-show goals were easily met:
  1. comfort in everything, especially with shoes!!!!!
  2. as much made in this country as possible
  3. and price consciousness without sacrificing quality and style
Our post-show notes look something like this:
  1. Florals are everywhere and on everything.
  2. Praire style is IN (think Little House or Big Love).
  3. Are you ready for overalls done 90s style?
  4. We're loving braids that look like little 40s inspired hats (wish we had a photo).
  5. Skirts are making a strong appearance after a long hiatus.
  6. Black is back big time.
  7. Don't despair - our fav leggings & skinnies (a.k.a. jeggins) are still a great look.
  8. Studs and zippers, zippers and studs.
  9. Bootcut jeans are about to meet the fashion clog.
  10. White shoes & boots...hmmm...we have them if you want them.
  11. Denim on denim (no longer just the Canadian tuxedo:)
  12. Tie-dye that's to die for.
Notes for next time:
  1. Take more photos for blog!!!!
  2. Stop at Whole Foods near The Strip on first day to stock up on liquids.
  3. PF Chang's has vegan options.
  4. Luggage carts rock.

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Street Peep Mallory

Remember Wednesday, when it was bitterly cold and windy windy windy? Mallory walked in the store WITHOUT a coat, scarf, gloves, or anything but the outfit on her back (all from WF BTW). It could be one of two things: we're all evolving into warm-blooded Eskimos or sometimes covering up what looks so good just seems bad.

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Minnetonka Memories

On Saturday Anna was a Wild Flower girl top to bottom in her Kensie Girl cardigan, Rise Up tee, Blank jeans, and 3-fringe whiskey colored Minnetonkas! So what about these moccasins? They've been ever present at Wild Flower for the past five seasons (translate 2.5 years) and we see no signs of them moving to the "donate" bin.

Not forgetting their heritage (Native American myth says we need to thank the medicine man), the moc has been a modern look for every generation since the late 1940s, when Minnetonka opened its doors. The 50s housewife wore them with her peddle pushers. When the hippies adopted them they became a bohemian classic. School girls wore the Thunderbird in the 70s and 80s. We've heard so many moccasin memories; and we're peddling to create more.

So trade in your Uggs, give away your Converse, rethink your cowboy boots, and come over to the other side. It's looking like a little bit of fringe never gets old.
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Into The Woods

So remember our book recommendation, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle? It led to some research about local farms and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). Our best find so far is Sanders Ridge (organic farm, winery and restaurant extraordinaire).

Their CSA membership promises an 8 to 10 lbs basket of fresh locally grown vegetables and herbs, every week for 21 weeks, delivered for pick up right to our neighbor's front door (Whole Foods). Signing up sounded so enticing (remember veggies have been the hot topic at Wild Flower during this insanely cold winter), we had to drive to Boonville and investigate.

Having lunch at The Big Woods restaurant was a grand foyer into local and organic "eating out". Along with all of the building's lumber and stone, a lot of our meal was locally harvested from their farm. Chef Starr Johnson strives to use ingredients that are sustainably raised either at Sanders Ridge, or on other farms that are located within a 75 mile radius of Boonville.

While we haven't yet decided about joining the CSA, we'll definitely be showing up to The Big Woods on Thursday nights this spring; they push the tables together and serve a "family style" fixed menu that includes live blue grass music. With North Carolina food, tunes, and wine all flowing, going out will feel perfectly homegrown.

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