Everyone's Favorite Sale! Why Now?

Please check our Facebook page for updates about store hours (due to ice)!

Every August, for the last 8 years, Wildflower would offer our community a chance to buy boutique brands at really great prices and then donate what didn't sell to a few really great charitable organizations. It all centered around North Carolina's tax-free weekend. But times are a changing. Since the state decided to eliminate the tax-free holiday this year, we've decided to change things around a little bit too.

Instead of waiting until August, we're moving the sale to March (as in starting tomorrow, the 17th). This gives everyone a chance to wear their spring/summer sale finds right away and for the entire season! As for the merchandise, it's all very current and it's all new/never worn (with tax-free gone, we can't offer consignment anymore). We're also stretching the sale out for an entire week, versus just 3 days. The discounts will start at 50% off and get deeper as the sale progresses based on everyone's interest.

We love our community and want everyone to be able to find something special that makes them feel amazing. Help spread the word about this sale because next week is a great time for anyone and everyone to do just that.

xoxo the Wildflower Girls


Get Motivated & Get Motives this Saturday

Last March, I went No-Poo. It was awesome to totally let myself go and see what was underneath. I actually learned a lot about beauty and how to love myself as I age. I stopped using face soap, body lotion, shampoo, conditioner and makeup. If I used anything it was all-natural and homemade.

In November the beautiful Ashlee Jenkins walked into the shop and she was literally glowing. I had been no-pooing for 9 months so I guess my interest and gushing reaction was a sign that it was time for my beauty regime to be re-born.

She told me about Motives, a locally-based Greensboro makeup company that offers custom blended foundations. It sounded like the perfect way to get back on (or fall off) the skincare wagon. Restocking my makeup bag needed to be done consciously and intentionally or my No-Poo project would have been for nothing.

A week later I was at Ashlee's house having a professional makeup artist mix me a foundation that matched my skin color exactly. She offered anti-aging, sun-screen, moisturizer and a few other add-ins but I took mine plain. That next day I wore my new blend to work for the first time and it felt great.

Much like going vegan or vegetarian for a "season", going No-Poo has been a recalibration. I now make better choices and Motives is definitely on my new list.

This Saturday Katie Hoyme, Lluvia's amazing sister, will be hanging out all day at Wildflower with her Motives custom blend foundation kit!!! Stop by between 10am and 6pm and have her mix up your skin tone. Katie, a seasoned artist and painter, will be making everyone's skin look flawless. Or email her to set up another time that works better for your schedule.

xoxo amy