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Look up your birth chart before stopping by to pick up a "Nobody's Perfect" astrology tee by Wildfox Couture. According to them when your sun is in Virgo, your moon is in Taurus and your rising sign is Leo, you're a bossy, perfectionist who's always right:) Don't they make self-deprecation look great...So fun! XOXOXOX


Mad Kelly Men Lane

The Dresses of Kelly Lane & Mad Men

We can't gush enough about Kelly Lane. Of course we love her because she's originally from North Carolina but we also love her sense of color, texture, and construction; they're truly unique. Kelly has a strong appreciation for beautiful fabrics, American craftsmanship and the artistry of fashion...and all of this makes for some gorgeous dresses that you don't see every day.

Cut to Mad Men. We could blog about Kelly Lane without referencing this awesome retro-drama centered around an advertising agency in the early 1960s but it wouldn't be as much fun. We love the costumes, the hair, the sets, Don Draper! Watch the first three seasons then tell us you don't want to redo your kitchen in knotty pine. While Kelly's dresses are softer and gentler then what women wore back then (no girdles or pointy bras required), whenever we tune in, her designs somehow come to mind.

So our point is this. If you adore, crave, or simply appreciate the aesthetics of Mad Men and love to wear contemporary design combined with hints of vintage in easy to wear eco-friendly jersey fabrics you need to stop by and try on some Kelly Lane. You won't be disappointed.

Kelly with her Spring '10 collection; No Girdles Required

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Street Peep Cindy

Cindy just got home from a trip to Italy and one of the best things she brought back is inspiration. Can you see it beaming out of her. We noticed it right away!
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Rainy Day Keeper

It's rainy day #3 in Winston so here's a melancholy music recommendation that's just upbeat enough to NOT put you over the edge. We hadn't heard of Eilen Jewell until we saw that she's performing in town this Sunday at The Garage. After listening to a couple of songs, it was obvious that we needed to add her to our Playlist and go to the show, especially if it's still raining.
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shoes & socks, shoes & socks, shoes & socks with a soda on the side

We've been looking for the cutest socks around and finally found Sock It To Me! More than eye candy, they're comfy too.

Their socks are awesome but the Sock It To Me! site might be awesome-rrr. Check out their Design-a-Sock contest.


Street Peep Debra

So Debra pulled out her winter stuff and found the PERFECT sweater coat (which she got from us a couple of years back) to go with her new XCVI top. The sweater coat is one of those pieces that "got away". You know, the one you wished you'd bought. The one you'll go searching for on eBay. The one you want to borrow and never return!

But seriously, Debra has inspired us to do two things before the Fall season is over: 1) go fishing through our own winter storage bins for that piece we'd forgotten about...AND 2) buy a Fall piece that we LOVE before they're all gone!

Thanks Debra!
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Do We Have This Dress?!?

Another sighting of a Press Darling! OK, so the picture isn't that great (we grabbed it from a YouTube video), but we're pretty sure this is the Rojas dress we have at the store. Mollie, from So You Think You Can Dance, wore it on their "Meet the Top 20" episode a couple of weeks back. Their costume department went to town with tutu feathers and patches, which make it look really crazy. Our version is actually really cute. What do you think? Is it the same dress?

SYTYCD dress

wild flower dress


Street Peep Nicole

Nicole stopped by on Saturday wearing her Tulle raincoat, which was totally appropriate considering our crazy weather. We love her long flowing skirt, especially in this Fall's biggest neutral color, gray. Nicole is a graduate student at North Carolina School of the Arts and just completed the sets for "Fences", a play by August Wilson, that we're planning to check out this weekend. Can't wait to see her work and her next outfit. Come back soon Nicole!

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Quote, Beija-Flor Rocks!, Unquote

When jeans change someone's life it's worth blogging about, don't you think? Just like the Beauty Editor at People StyleWatch, our customers have been raving about our newest denim line, Beija-Flor (pronounced "beige-a- floor"). Across generations, lifestyles, occupations and body types, here's what a few have said:

When she took them on a long trip to London, Heather, from Ego Hour, was amazed that they really "don't stretch out". She wore them a ton and they kept their shape.

Because of the rise and contoured waist, Kim, owner of The Garage, says, "Winston-Salem no longer has to see my 'plumber's butt' when I change a keg or stock bottled waters. Plus they just feel like sweats."

Our very own Anne can't resist giving away all her cute jeans to her daughter but she said, "these I'm keeping for myself. I'll have them for years."

Cissy, who just turned 50 (happy birthday!) and loves her Beija-Flors, said "They form to my curvy body better than any jean I've ever owned. They're as comfortable as leggings."

After Monta bought her second pair she announced, "I'm giving all my other jeans away."

The line is woman-owned by a mother-daughter team and grew from their love of all things Brazilian (where women are known for their curves). Their jeans have memory stretch, are contoured to eliminate gaping in the rear, and have a rise that's higher but still looks modern.

Beija-Flor means hummingbird in Portuguese; at Wild Flower it means "my favorite jeans ever".


Street Peep Wonder Woman

Members Only jacket and Big Buddha bag by Wild Flower. Lasso of Truth and indestructible bracelets her own.
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