Street Peep Monica

Someone needs to tell Ego Hour that orange is the new black. Monica (one of their loooooong time Stratford Road stylists) looks gooooood, don't you think? She found her Free People poncho the first time she stopped by our clearance sale and deciding to wearing it with her fushia skinnys by Blank (another Wildflower find) was an awesome choice!


Lluvia and the Sale

Hi Everyone, 

Wildflower was so busy this past holiday season that we can hardly believe it's over. Lluvia gave birth to little baby Uma on December 3rd and it really kicked everything off in the most beautiful way. They "made an appearance" (i.e. worked:) on Christmas and New Year's Eve and filled the store with new baby love! But otherwise, Lluvia was resting and nesting...until NOW!

Her first order of business for January was marking down the store for our big Annual Winter Clearance Sale. As of this posting, even I'm not sure what all she's put on sale! The best way to find out is to come check out the goods while there's still good stuff left. What I do know is that it's all 30% to 50% OFF and super cute!

So Happy New Year all you crazy cool customers. We can't wait to see everyone in 2012.


the Wildflower Girls (c/o amy)