Smile! It's Beija-Flor

Smiling faces are considered another form of payment when you're selling jeans. Like bathing suits or bras, trying on denim is not everyone's favorite thing to do. Patience and endurance are good for climbing the hills of San Francisco but really, for trying on clothes??? Yep, when it comes to denim the little Buddha inside needs to come out.

That's why we've been bragging about Beija-Flor Jeans for a so long now. They still deliver the best fit for the most women in the quickest time! So this Saturday, we're bringing back their trunk and it's going to be full of their new Spring styles, including those we don't normally stock at Wildflower.

Check out their website to get familiar. After all, doing some leg work on the computer may save you even more time in the dressing room.

Saturday, March 31st, 10am-6pm
  • You'll receive 10% off all your Beija-Flor purchases.
  • Get 20% off something cute to go with your new Beija-Flor jeans.
  • You may win a FREE pair of jeans! Just bring and friend and you'll both be entered in a drawing.
  • You'll be able to see a full selection of Beija-Flor styles and find your perfect size (whether you're a 0, a 16, or somewhere in between).
  • The odds are stacked in your favor. We've found that Beija-Flor works for 95% of the woman that try them on! So come ready for success.
  • Beija experts will be on hand to share their wisdom, help you find the perfect style for your body, and listen to your feedback.
It's Ursula! Last Fall's winner of our Beija-Flor drawing. Note, she's smiling:)
Nicole "butt-lifting" Jean and their #1 best-seller, the Jennifer Jean


Your Toes Called...

It happens every March! When my toes aren't looking so hot, literally being hot isn't my first concern. It's 9:45am, I have to open the store in 15 minutes, so on go a pair of my Sock-It-To-Mes and of course, a pair of boots. But when the reality of 80 degrees sets in (oh about 1pm) and my face is beat red from the heat radiating up from my feet, getting a pedicure and some sandals just isn't going to happen fast enough.

So, with this sad story in mind, we've come up with a super fun and inspiring promotion! This Saturday (aka the 17th) we're offering (in partnership with Van Davis Aveda) 20% off a salon pedicure AND a free bottle of Butter London toxin-free nail polish to the first 10 customers who buy a pair of shoes from our fabulous new Spring collection.

Our shoe tree is so full of Seychelles, BC Footwear, Jeffery Campbell and Minnetonkas that it might just tip over + the Butter London colors are bright, beautiful and toxin-free+ Cindy & Brook over at Van Davis Aveda have donated the "20% off a pedicure" coupons and who doesn't love their hypnotic set up.

Doors open 10am. First 10 buyers are the winners. Your 10 toes will thank you (and us) for it.

xoxo amy

Just a sample of the fresh produce!


Paleface Gets a Dye Pretty Job

Paleface (a BFF to the Avett Brothers) is hanging his art at Dye Pretty Salon in downtown Winston starting this evening at 7pm. We already knew him as a musician but, like most highly inspired folks, it turns out he's a visual artist too. All  new original paintings will be on display (and for sale) through the end of the month and then on March 30th he'll be performing at The Garage with his super cute drummer & girlfriend, Mo. So put on your "Get'n to Know Paleface" outfit and check out this month's Paleface offerings.
(his art)

(his tunes)

(your outfit*)

*OK so we don't totally know him yet, but our "Get'n to Know Paleface" look would have to be by Praire Underground. This woman-owned, Seattle-based company is indie and awesome!!! xoxo