Street Peep Cayce in JC Boots

Cayce's getting married draped in Wildflowers* . When she stopped by the shop for some last minute wedding accouterments she was wearing the very same Jeffrey Campbell boots we'll be getting in for Fall (she and they looked so stinkin' cute you know it was hard for us not to suggest she wear them down the aisle!). So we thought we'd share, tempt, tantalize, and preview what can also be yours. Bet you can't wait for yours to look just as loved as hers.

*clothes from Wildflower that is:) Congrats again and again to you and your man.


Street Peep Jessie

We've been saving this photo of Jessie Williams until we got in more of her "stuff" (a.k.a her beauteous feathers all the way from Wilmington, North Carolina). It's so nice supporting a local girl and it's even nicer that her earrings are so great! We spotted her in Las Vegas at the Pool Trade Show (she was there buying for her boutique). So great to put a face with some feathers, don't you think?


Ansley's Adornments

Today is a big day for Ansley! She's becoming a shop keeper, small business owner and an entrepreneur extraordinaire. Her new place is called Adornment Needlepoint Boutique and her mission is spark our crafty side. Need some stress relief, a social club, or to work on your creative self? Stop by and grab a canvas and some thread. Ansley offers all you'll need to make a belt, pillow, bag, or even some shoes. This is the kind of stuff family heirlooms are made of!

Adornment Needlepoint Boutique
117-B Reynolda Village


Street Peep Shannon

Weston Wear does it again! The consignment sale does it again! Shannon does it again! She's one of our biggest out-of-state fans. Could be because she's Amy's niece, but it might also have to do with how great she looks in Wildflower duds.


Memories and Milestones

(click on collage to really check out the photos)

Wow, it's been six years since Lluvia cut the ribbon and opened the door to Wildflower as the new owner (thanks Robbie for letting it go). That month (Sept '04), we had our very first Trunk Show to celebrate (with these candid snaps to prove it).

Before baby Stella there was baby Charlie (hanging around and flirting with all the customers). Before Anne Maynard (oh, how we love you Annabanana) there was Anne Campbell (we loved her too!). Before skinny jeans, feathers and moccasins, there were baby doll tops, low low low rise denim and lots of sequins (and we mean lots).

Here's to six years of life, six years of the best customers and employees ever, and six years of fashion!!!


Forming New Habits

Maria and Beatrice are material martyrs, fabric fiends and cloth conscious. They love them some fibers and they keep each other hooked on the stuff. OK, enough word play (even though it's relevant, we promise:)

With an emerging knit collection aptly named Textile Junkie (!!!), these girls have designed "it" shapes for Fall, using the softest of fabrics. We say drapey, boxie, and oversized. Whatever the name, whatever it's called, it seems fresh and we like it.

When asked why they decided to go out on their own (both had worked for larger designers), they said it was their love of textiles that has always kept them motivated. So while their shapes will likely change with the flow of fashion, their devotion to great fabrics will always remain the cornerstone of Textile Junkie.

With the line being woman-owned AND made state-side (in this case Los Angeles, where the label is based), you'll feel good about supporting their new habit (and yours).