Beija-Flor Denim Trunk Show

Trunk Show
Sunday, September 25th 
1pm - 6pm
So what's all the fuss about?

1. You'll be able to see a full selection of their styles (including many we don't normally keep in stock) and find your perfect size (whether you're a 0, a 16, or somewhere in between).

2. The odds are stacked in your favor. We've found that Beija-Flor works for 95% of the woman that try them on! So come ready for success.

3. A Beija expert from their team will be on hand to share her wisdom, help you find the perfect style for your body, and listen to your feedback.

4. You'll save 10% at the show on all your Beija-Flor purchases.

5. If you bring a friend you'll receive 20% off something cute to go with your new Beija-Flor jeans.

6. You may win a FREE pair of jeans! 
Leave a comment (on our blog or Facebook page) about your favorite jeans or what you're looking for in a favorite jean and we'll enter you to win a free pair at our Beija-Flor Trunk Show (u have to attend to win...sorry out of town friends:)

6. Food and drinks, drinks and food!!!


Street Peep Anne Meade

Ahhh, yet another customer we love. Anne Meade stopped by on Friday (after a day of teaching at Downtown Elementary) and picked up some teaching duds. Personal style isn't something that can be taught, but if it was, we'd be signing up for Anne Meade's class. She's got a knack for the little things that make you wish you'd "thought of that".


Vegas Times Twelve

With Lluvia 6 months pregnant (and carrying a small fortune in Owlita feathers!), we made it once again to "Vegas". We've traveled to the shows in Las Vegas thirteen times over the years (oh wait make it twelve thanks to baby Stella:) and this past trip we kicked ourselves for not archiving better! But we still have good memories of funny stories and a few snaps of our crazy outfits. And who cares, really? What matters most is the here and now and what's to be. Fall 2011 is already shipping and Spring 2012 is officially "on order". Stand by for details.