Bonita Owlita

Ashley Doty with her goods

Rumor has it that a Spring '10 selection of the long awaited, highly coveted Owlita feather earrings will arrive this week. When we saw what Ashley had to offer (all the way back in February) we could hardly stand that we had to wait until now. We knew that Winston-Salem needed more feathers, fast!

Ashley's been brewing some awesome spring colors in her Portland, Oregon studio but it all started in her kitchen, which is a funny image if you think about it. When we first met her a few years back she was a visiting artist with Rise Up International and all her creations were made from home. Dying wet feathers doesn't make for the best aromatherapy, so when her housemates couldn't stand the mess (remember this had become a high demand 24/7 operation!) she decided to make the leap to full-time earring maker, with her own studio space as an added benefit.

Just in time for this summer's music festivals, a little Owlita will definitely get you noticed, if not invited backstage. But be careful, we've been told some crazy stories from one customer's near death experience ("Girl, I'm gonna kill you for those earrings."), to another happily thinking "I must look extra bonita today" until she realized it wasn't really her face everyone was looking at, it was the feathers.
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Street Peep Lauren

A friend of Lauren's (a self-proclaimed vintage shopper) gave her this jumpsuit just in time for spring. Do you have anything you're "over" that someone else might love?
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Beija Believers

Look out Seven, Citizens, Joe's! After last month's Beija-Flor Trunk Show you'll be seeing lots of Beija butts all over town. The trunk show totally confirmed woman love these jeans.

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