Street Peep Stella Carmen

If you know Wildflower, you know we love our vintage remade clothing. So it was a natural for Lluvia to dress Stella in this little number by Zed+Zoe. Not only does it bring back long lost memories BUT, even better, it's the creation of one of our long time customers, Tracy.

Five years ago it was so exciting to get a big 'ol box of uniqueness. The store was filled with one-of-a-kind creations from Fresh Karma, Super Lucky Cat, and (who can forget) our very first upcycled designer eve*lynn. Yum, we're salivating just thinking about it. But now all of these designers have sadly closed shop for one reason or another and Preloved is our lone upcycled survivor (which isn't shabby; their stuff is awesome).

All this to say that Zed+Zoe is just our style. Keep up the good work Tracy. We're all loving it, especially Stella!!!


Street Peep Bonnie

Bonnie is a teacher. She also looks a lot like Sharon Stone. She's pretty much who we want to be when we grow up. We absolutely 100% love her style, especially when she's wearing Wildflower shoulder to ankle (like here). She'd just come from seeing Alison and was looking especially glamorous so Street Peep she had to be:) Plus her three grandchildren (mentioned in Emilie's post...oh the fabulous web we weave) are back in Germany and we could think of no cooler way for Bonnie to reach out across the sea and say "Hallo, Wie geht's?"