Look Out Harris Teeter

A lot of customers ask us, "Where would I wear this ('this' being any cute, comfortable, and put together outfit, not a sparkly cocktail dress)?", and we usually answer, "why not when you go grocery shopping?" and we're absolutely serious. So you can't blame us for wanting to write an approving Letter to the Editor when we saw Gwen wearing this outfit, including the very same Harajuku Lover's pants that we have in the store, next to this headline in Glamour magazine. Sometimes validation is so rock'in:)

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Street Peep Olivia

We think Olivia's next song needs to be about a girl in a sunshine yellow dress on a rainy winter night. We love that she chose this bright little French Connection number to wear to the Forsyth Country Day winter formal. And we love even more that she's a singer/songwriter. We loaded her homegrown video "That Song Is Love" into our video playlist or you can check her out on You Tube.


Water Water Every Wear

If you've been shopping at the store for any length of time you'd know why Aveda's "Water on the Go" stations, which they're setting up in NYC for the upcoming fashion week, are of great interest and relevance to the Wild Flower girls. We're really into our water! For years you'd find big tall plastic water bottles from Whole Foods all over our counters. If felt right to be drinking eight 8 oz glasses a day until it started to feel kind of wrong.

While reusable water bottles are everywhere, and have been for a long time, we're the first to admit it can be kind of hard to move away from the convenience of just buying a bottle. It's refreshing, literally, to see Aveda setting up a no-brainer system for the thirsty masses that won't send BPA's into their bloodstreams and won't contribute to the big plastic island in the Pacific.
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Johnny Was, Where and When

We have our first Spring '10 Johnny Was shipment arriving this week! Watch for a "This Just In" Alert when it does. Here's a sneak preview courtesy of Graffiti Ads. Have you been seeing the ad around town? Tell us where and when...
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Street Peeps Lauren & Jordan

It's the hair accessories that got us first, then the boots of course. Head to toe cuteness. We love the pop of color as much as the all black attire. These girls look so fun together, they should never be apart.

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Buy Local, Dress In Season

Just like a garden, the store has a cycle and four seasons. As you might have guessed, right now we're in one of two SALE seasons: clearing out, cleaning up and making room for new Spring finds. Like little seeds waiting for the first spring rainfall, topics for the blog are incubating so they'll be ready to show themselves with the arrival of our first Spring '10 shipment.

OK, hold up, the records starting to skip, put on the brakes, lift the needle...can you tell we're reading a book about gardening and LOVING IT! In between helping customers find their size amongst the sale items and trying to come up with post topics, all we've been talking about are vegetables.

We're NOT going to start reviewing books, just recommending them. So here's our first:

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver is all about buying locally raised food, eating in season, and her family's life on their small Appalachian farm. Besides motivating us to change the way we eat, it could just be the inspiration for the store's new motto - "Buy Local, Dress In Season".


Pop Ur Collar, Vampire Weekends Coming

We're not too worried about today's youth when we listen to these boys. They're coming to Asheville in April to play tunes from their new album Contra. Take in "Cousins" on our video Playlist, then watch them perform "California English" in Juan's Basement (we're still trying to figure out who Juan is:) You can also listen to their whole album, here, or stop by the store after 1/12 (the album's release date). We'll be playing it, like fur sure.



It Should Happen to You, If You Want

Cold nights need a good film, like It Should Happen to You. This movies got New York City, Jack Lemmon in his very first role, The Rat Packs' Peter Lawford and a super funny Judy Holliday (she's a little like Zooey Deschanel, in a 1950s sort of way).

It would be the perfect remake for today. It's hard to explain why without launching into the longest post we've ever written; but let's just say it reminds us a bit of this phenomenon. Watch and you'll see. Wondering how; we saw it on Turner Classic Movies free On Demand station. Here's their trailer, if your interested in the really short version.