A Bunch of Street Peeps

We rarely capture five "Street Peeps" in the same post but it is springtime, it has been raining a lot, they do just keep popping up and they're all wearing clothes from a store called Wildflower! "Analogies prove nothing, that is true" wrote Sigmund Freud, "but they can make one feel more at home." 

Hopefully Kim, Annie, Lee, Claire and Carolyn feel right at home together because together they really do epitomize what Wildflower Boutique is all about. Our mission has always been about creating beauty and inspiration for EVERY woman regardless of age, height, size, or whatever else makes her unique. We love, love, love that our customers resemble a beautiful bundle of mixed wildflowers!!! And this bunch is especially special.
  • Kim (looking awesome in her Charlie Jade dress) was one of the very first Wildflower Girls! She remembers when the shop was filled with April Cornell and when Lluvia was simply a momma of one. Her long lasting, kindred friendship with Lluvia (they met while Kim was shopping at Wildflower) is proof that we're about way more than just fashion.
  • Annie (with her prom date) is another long time customer. Her mom, Noelle, started bringing her to Wildflower with her twin sister, Hallie, when they were both super small. Now they're super old (kidding!!!) and about to graduate from Reynolds High. Annie is as sweet, kind and smart as she is beautiful in her Veronica M gown.
  • We've known Lee a long time too. She's simply inspiring. Over the years we've envied her handstands and her master baking skills. These days she's selling Worth clothing through her own home-based business but she still makes room for Wildflower in her closet. Beija-Flor, Top Secret, and Kersh should be as glad as we are that she's wearing their clothes (cause she looks good!)
  • Claire (rock'n her Tulle dress and Seychelles boots) is sister to Jane who is best friends with Carolyn. So it's always fun when they run into each other at Wildflower (like in this photo). Claire should also meetup with Lee since they both love to cook. We're pretty sure she'd have something in common with Annie and Kim too because that's just the way Claire is; friendly and easy-going with lots of interests (including cute fashion:).
  • Carolyn bought her Weston Wear dress from us this spring but her necklace is from years back. It's one of the things we love about her and her mom, Julie. They find treasures and treasure them. She's in New Zealand right now and we can't wait to see what she brings back. If nothing else, we know she'll have some great stories to share in her eloquent and joyful way.


Spring & Love, Shopping & Sales are in the Air

All Spring we've been posting these "windows" to our Facebook account and completely neglecting our Blogger friends. But now's the perfect time to entice you with some Spring 2012 highlights because this weekend (for 3 days only) it's ALL going to be ON SALE!

Our "Draw Your Own Discount" Sale is the most complicated thing to explain (especially in writing) but it's really a brilliant idea that everyone (whose ever participated) has grown to love and anticipate. Basically, Lluvia hand writes discounts on little pieces of paper and puts them in a hat (it's very low tech and we love that:) She'll add lots of 25, 30 and 40 percent offs and then just one 50% to make it really exciting.

On sale days (which start tomorrow BTW Thursday, May 3rd) customers shop the entire store and then take their favorite finds to the counter where they reach into the hat to draw their discount. Whatever percentage they pick is taken off ALL of their full-priced items. Who doesn't love that?!?

So don't forget to check out the pictures we've posted below (they're a great sampling of what we have in the store). But even more importantly don't forget to come in this weekend (Thu, Fri & Sat) to shop our Springtime Draw Your Own Discount Sale!!! Love, Spring, Shopping and Sales are definitely in the air.